Saturday, August 26, 2017

Life Insurance - A Vital Tool in Risk-Adverse Retirement Planning

Allegis Wealth Advisors is a provider of focused risk and investment management services centered on enabling independent investment managers to meet diverse client needs. Allegis Wealth Advisors emphasizes a “one-stop-shop” approach in providing the back-end and front-end solutions that drive long-term client relationships.

Success-driven retirement planning strategies such as those offered by Allegis Investment Advisors typically include a mix of stock and bonds and life insurance allocations. The uses of insurance include ensuring a steady income should the primary breadwinner pass away or become incapacitated. Insurance plans effectively mitigate the long-term risks associated with any retirement plan, which become more pronounced as couples age. 

A particular area of concern is the decade prior to retirement, when many families are playing catch-up in terms of meeting overall retirement goals. Should a spouse die, the surviving partner may experience a serious shortfall in retirement savings and never recover financially. This is amplified by the fact that decreases in expenses during retirement years are typically not enough to offset the drop in income. For this reason, 10-to-15-year term life insurance coverage is often recommended for both spouses during the years before retirement.

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